Durzâde Marble, which has been sharing its knowledge, experience, and expertise gained in commercial life since 2005 without compromising trust and stability, has a deep-rooted history and extensive commercial experience. With the ability to export to all countries worldwide and the aim of sharing its accumulated knowledge with the industry while providing customer-oriented satisfaction, Durzâde Marble always operates with a results-oriented approach.

One of our main goals is to meet our customers' needs and support their projects by offering them the highest quality products and services.

Durzâde Marble has successfully come this far as a potential leader in the industry thanks to our experienced team, quality materials, and communication based on mutual trust.

We are constantly progressing towards the future by being by your side in every stage of your projects and providing the most appropriate solutions to your needs in the ever-evolving construction sector, improving both our technological infrastructure and commercial experience.

As Durzâde Marble, along with our entire team, we would be delighted to have you among us and meet your needs in this industry.